Zebronics’ 5.1 Dhoom speakers deliver high notes with a loud thud

Theatre experience in your living room
03 April 2017

Whether you watch the latest on Netflix, catch up on an old classic or while away your time claiming to be the self-proclaimed king of the gaming world, good sound will always be a welcome and much-appreciated necessity. These Zebronics 5.1 Dhoom speakers promise to give you, allow us to quote, "monster sound" – whatever that means – but we can assure you that going by the reputation of the makers, you’re in for a personal theatre experience in a room of your choice. Priced at a modest 16,161, these 5.1s are packed with dynamic sound. The big speaker provides a sound output of 170 watts RMS, and the subwoofer packs a good 80 watts RMS. Ensures you’ll hear it all loud and clear, what say?

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