Zara’s online shopping option will save you a trip to the malls

Shopaholics, pay attention! Spouses, put a limit on those credit cards
29 September 2017 / 13:40IST

The coming week holds a promise for the shopaholic in you, as Zara gears up to open its online store to the Indian consumer. Those precious savings of yours will slowly vanish if you don’t put a realistic limit on your spouse’s credit card. The international brand is ready to take the plunge into the online space, and with this launch, they’re expecting digital stores to do just as well as their physical stores. There’s the option of having your loot home-delivered (shipping cost ₹250 for orders below ₹4000), as well as picking from the store (no charges in this case). The Zara online store will have the same collection across the board, and the strange problem faced by any shopper – of the collection varying from one store to another, one city to another – will be done away with. We’re waiting with bated breaths. See you soon, Zara!

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