Win a GoPro everyday with your creativity and camera skills

Free things come to those who go pro
28 April 2020 / 21:14IST

If you’re wasting your time doing push ups on Instagram because someone challenged you, you’re not being challenged far enough. And who wants to lose weight after winning a challenge? Not us. We want to win the best action camera there is. And what better way to do it than by filming yourself doing nothing… or something. The GoPro #HomePro Challenge is for folks who want to win a GoPro Hero8 Black or GoPro Max. The process is as simple as using your creativity and ANY camera. Yup, just use your imagination and smartphone camera to stitch up an exciting video or take a photo of how terrible your lockdown is going and then use the free GoPro App to upload the video/photo on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook or YouTube. Then use the hashtag #GoPro and #HomePro in your description to stand a chance to win a GoPro Hero8 Black or GoPro Max, the choice is yours. The challenge is open till April 30, so be quick.

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