William Penn’s Pininfarina Napkin Cambiano pen pencil will last you forever

Feels like a pencil but it’s a pen...or both?
12 July 2018 / 18:33IST

Looking for a pen-pencil with a touch of Italian artisan made with flagship pen materials which will never dry out? Meet William Penn’s Pininfarina Cambiano series flagship version of the Forever range. Inspired by the Cambiano concept car and designed by the Pininfarina design team, this one won’t give up halfway through your poem or novel writing. So go on writing all the prose and poems you want, you won’t be cribbing for a refill. The special Ethergraf tip is made of alloys that writes and resembles the stroke of a pencil but is indelible like a pen. Don’t try erasing though, it’s a pen after all. Need to add this to your collection? It’s available at your nearest William Penn stores starting at ₹9900 Pininfarina Cambiano Gold, Stealth or Cedar.

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