Xiaomi is dipping its feet in lifestyle with Mi Men’s Sports Shoes 2

What do you mean where’s the first one?
03 April 2019 / 20:27IST

Two of the greatest mysteries of the world are: How do smartphone manufacturers manage to get fans? and second, Was there a Mi Sports Shoe 1? Good questions but while we search for Sherlock, take a look at Xiaomi’s new crowdfunded kicks. They cost ₹2,499 and are available in Black, black with white dots and blue with orange dots (we really don’t know the colour names). We got the blue with orange dots at the office and it’s looking quite good. We wouldn’t expect you to run towards a smartphone manufacturer as the first choice for shoes but these ain’t bad. It’s got a thick heel to pillow your awkward march and a fishbone structure on the sides to keep the upper in stunner shape. Xiaomi says it’s to save your ankles from twisting so we’ll just have to find someone brave enough to run on Mumbai roads for us to test these. And if they end up getting dirty during the run, just toss ‘em in the washing machine for worry-free cleansing. You can head over the Mi India website to place your order but there’s no actual buy button on the crowdfunded page. So maybe you’ll have to wait for another sale to come. Either way, we’ll keep you posted with the pricing soon.