Witness the fitness with Acer's latest Leap wearable

Where to wear the Leap Ware? On your wrist, probably. Duh.
28 April 2017 / 14:12IST

Here's hoping you've still got some space on your wrist for a new wearable: Acer's Leap Ware is a heath-conscious helper that'll do more than keep an eye on your heart rate. It'll apparently monitor your stress levels, fatigue and stamina too, so you know when you've got something left in the tank, or if you should slow down and take a rest. Add in the usual selection of smartwatch features, app-based leaderboards and a slick, circular screen protected by Gorilla Glass SR+, and you've got a respectable all-rounder watch. The price is right, too: it'll be launching at $139 (around ₹9,000) when it launches in US later in the year, hopefully Indian prices stay somewhat the same as well. We'll update you on that as soons as Acer discloses them.