Walk the streets with Nike’s legendary Air Max 720 and feel like the coolest kid on the block

The tallest, the longest, the springiest and the quirkiest!
06 November 2018 / 18:53IST

The Air Max series has always been Nike’s beloved and always nailed that bubble-like sole for maximum comfort and bounce. The Air Max 720 is the longest, tallest, springiest and the quirkiest Air Max that's engineered to do everything you need from it. Comfort? Oh, hell yes. Style? Swagger. Quick workout? Beast mode on. The Nike Air Max 720 is here to turn eye-balls, drop jaws and get sneakerheads drooling all over, uniquely designed for steps rather than strides, so you can walk the streets of Mumbai singing Divine’s Gully Gang and feel like you’re on top of the world. Oh, you’re also doing the environment a favour because the Air Max 720 is made using more than 75% of recycled materials. Don’t get your hopes up, there’s still time for these to kick in. We’ll let you know as soon as we get an official price.