Track your heart rate for less with Fastrack’s Reflex Beat

Feel the beat
31 December 2019 / 14:16IST

If onion prices give you panic attacks, Fastrack’s Reflex Beat is the perfect fitness tracker for you! Priced at just ₹2,195, Fastrack’s new Reflex Beat gets you basic fitness tracking features along with a heart rate monitor that will check your heart rate at the press of a button or at 15-minute intervals. It also features a 5-day power reserve, meaning you don’t have to charge it frequently either. An IPX6 rating won’t have you worried during those sweaty workouts at the gym (because new year resolutions last a while) or on a rainy day. Also included is an app that gets you access to the finer settings of this fitness band and a built-in reminder to get you off your derriere when you have been sedentary for a while because sitting is the new smoking. It’s time to get on your feet!