Tissot PR100 Chrono Sport-Chic says, its’ dress up time!

Sporty chic watch makes its way to your wrists
25 July 2019 / 10:37IST

Now here’s the thing with chronographs - they don’t give out a casual vibe like most smartwatches do. Yet, a sporty chronograph like the Tissot PR100 Chrono Sport-Chic exists - looking sporty, at the same time, without losing the touch of minimalistic elegance. The increased case size (compared to the previous watch in the PR 100 Sport-Chic collection) on this one makes a striking statement without losing its inherent feminine aesthetic. Wesselton diamonds add class to the 38mm timepiece without screaming for attention. It’s not exactly affordable, it’s not cheap either, and it certainly got a lot going on for it (especially the mother-of-pearl dial) like a similar-looking high-end watch. Priced at ₹39,800, it’s perfect to keep your lady love happy at approximately one-third (or lesser) the price.