The Timex T80 PAC-MAN is a collector’s fantasy

Back to the future
12 August 2020 / 13:45IST

The 80s saw the birth of revolutionary products and games, many of which have become a household name now. The yellow dot-munching Pac-Man was one of them and now we get to slap it on our wrists thanks to a fine collab with Timex. The Timex T80 was one of the first digital watches of its time and it’s aged fabulously. Even now the retro fit and finish is quite in demand. The Timex T80 x Pac-Man retains all of T80s retro design and puts Pac-Man in the front and centre of it. The watch face comes with a charming Pac-Man appearance. It's got matte finish straps and can take a few dips and splashes too. It’s on sale for ₹5,995 on Amazon India and makes for a fine gift for a retro nerd.