Tego’s sweat-charged t-shirts let your sweat tell your fitness story

Motivation comes in secret undertones induced by perspiration
29 August 2018 / 11:59IST

If the athlete in you wouldn’t take the first step toward fitness without your trusted fitness tracker, here’s another addition to your clan of motivators that get you out of bed, out the door to that gym. 'Coz let’s admit it, feet won’t walk, if those steps are counted, heart rate recorded, right? TEGO’s home grown brand of fitness accessories (yoga mat, socks, towels) are the perfect workout companions even in the absence of a tracker. The Tego sweat-charged t-shirt, however, stands out and deserves special attention. Designed to be the ideal gear for intense workouts, these tees have a built-in antimicrobial finish to effectively control body odor. It looks like a regular tee until you pump up that heart rate. The hidden messages are revealed once you sweat till its drenched in your body fluids. Definitely one that an aspirational gym rat must own, even the guy or gal with some seriously high personal fitness goals. These t-shirts are available for 1499 in blue, dark blue, red, gray, green and dark green and can be ordered from here.