Swiss made Luminox’ watches can sustain extreme weather and illuminate darkness for years

U.S Navy approved
01 August 2018 / 18:27IST

If hiking, surfing, mountain climbing, skiing or biking across the country is your usual thing, strap on any Luminox watch from Helios watch stores right away. These watches are made of carbon fibre which makes them super light and strong. They can withstand extreme conditions, whether it’s on land, air or sea. They’ve even driven a truck over it to test its strength out. Guess what? It survives. Every Luminox watch can glow in any kind of dark because it houses special illuminated gas-tubes. Don’t you worry about battery, these tubes can last up to 25 years. No wonder the US Navy other military forces around the world approve of these. Fun fact: Lumi means light and Nox means night.