Swatch’s new Space collection is inspired by NASA spacesuits

Live amongst the stars
22 July 2021 / 15:02IST

Travelling to space is the ongoing trend among the wealthy. While most of us don’t fall in that category, we can still experience a bit of outer space thanks to Swatch. The Swiss watchmaker has announced its new Space collection, which draws inspiration from NASA spacesuits. It boasts two-thirds ceramic and one-third bio-sourced plastic, which reinforces the watches. It also gives them an unusual yet appealing silk-like touch. The white and orange Chrono features a 47mm BIOCERAMIC case and the timers are set 10 seconds before the usual hour as a nod to the final countdown to liftoff. This collection of big watches will be available at the end of July on Myntra, with prices starting from ₹7,250.