Shaze’s new range of sunnies offer you shade

Let the sun shine down
28 May 2017 / 15:59IST

AC’s not too effective and you wish the extreme Russian weather conditions prevailed over us just for a night? Every waking day feels like you’re the sunny side up you just had for breakfast. The sweat makes up for the hot oil in this saucepan called India at this time of the year. While we can’t promise the overturn of global warming, the earth’s rotation cycle and your location in this horrible, horrible month, we can offer respite in the form of a trendy and affordable range of sunnies from Shaze. Priced between 2,790 and 3,890, this range of UV-protected sunglasses will provide you shade on days you really need them, without pinching your pocket too much. They’re bang-on on the fashion radar too!