Reebok revisits the retro lifestyle silhouette with Classic Leather Legacy

The legacy continues…
06 August 2020 / 11:44IST

Get up, it’s time to run! Said no one in a long time. But these classic kicks reimagined for the modern generation sure inspire some action. This retro running-inspired lifestyle silhouette reminds your modest sneakerhead of the 1979 Aztec design and the Classic Leather from 1983. In that sense then it’s the perfect mutation of retro, coupled with a modern-day aesthetic to appeal to the youth. The 70s-inspired colourway, modern cutline, sublime detailing (look closely to spot the Union Jack), modern day weaving and a speed lacing system make it to the ‘must-own’ collection of every sneakerhead in town. Available for men, women and children, the collection drops in at starting price of a cool ₹5999.