One step in Norm will reduce 80% carbon footprint

This is the new norm
26 April 2019 / 16:43IST

If you live in Mumbai, the extent of human impact on the environment is clearly blaring at your face even if you cover it to breathe comfortably. That and your individual existence adds a teaspoon-sized yet impactful change to the world you walk on. So why not wear something less detrimental to the environment? Each Norm sneaker is made from six recycled plastic bottles and the single piece 3D knitted upper is made to reduce material wastage too. Planeteers taking notes on the credibility of these sneakers will be happy to jot down that Norm plants two trees with every shoe sold and is 100% vegan. Even PETA approves! But if you’re worried that celebrating Earth Day in these will leave you looking like a caveman then take a look at their colour options. We actually like the red ones and they sport a modern design. These stylish and sustainable sneakers are aching for a Kickstarter backing so head over to grab a pair.