NoiseFit Evolve is a good upgrade to standard fit bands

Better than having to peep into a boring, tiny monochrome square panel
19 November 2019 / 14:19IST

If you are wearing one of those standard fit bands that just tells you the time and a few notifications, it’s probably time to upgrade to something that is more fancy and smarter too. Noise has launched a new set of Evolve smart watches that feature an AMOLED round dial encapsulated in an IP68 casing and in four different colours. So whether you are in your yoga pants or in your track suit, this watch can help you track activities with nine sports modes. And if your heart is racing before you propose to that girl next door, this watch will measure how many beats your heart skipped for her. Call alerts, messages, app notifications and a 3-day battery life are some other highlights here. If you want to look cooler than wearing just a simple monochrome fit band, then the NoiseFit Evolve can be picked from ₹5499 onward.