Nike’s Air Vapormax could unleash the Air-bender in you

So light, even birds want to try them on
10 August 2017 / 11:09IST

Running, in general, is an ace exercise, but most end up procrastinating about it. Running has been my drug for a year now and for Nike, it's been 30 years since the Air Max debut. And quite a lot has changed since. The Vapormax is made light, right and ready for flight. With cosy cushions and shedding the foam layer of the former, these Air souls don't just wear off like any Linking Road stock. On the ₹19,995 Nike Air Vapormax, the Air unit is paired with a Nike Flyknit on the top that grips you tight and further reduces the shoe’s weight. Let’s just say you made the effort to run with those Vapormax’s, but you're quite full after last night's spaghetti, then what? You go to bed.