Nike uses science to make Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT%

You know it’s science-y when they add symbols in the name
22 May 2020 / 16:32IST

What seems like a concept design at first glance is actually the successor to the famed Nike Vaporfly, sort of. Especially designed for serious athletes, Nike’s doubled down on the heel cushioning with their ZoomX cushioning. Nike also has a Sports Research Lab (they told us) where they got together and went like ‘nah’, the Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% needs more cushioning, so they added Zoom Air Pods for exactly that purpose. But these also need to tell the tale of science, so they added a percentage sign in the name (we think). They work on three key components to maximise comfort and stability for marathon runners. We already discussed ZoomX cushioning and Zoom Air Pods, but there’s also a full-length carbon fibre plate for stability and a sense of propulsion. It’s going to launch exclusively on Nike’s website for ₹22,795 starting June 2.