Nike energises the Air Max 270 sneaker with its bouncy React tech

Retro modern
25 June 2019 / 12:01IST

After taking its own tagline a little too seriously, Nike actually just did it. It created something you may only have dreamed of. Meet the Nike AirMax 270 React. It’s basically a fusion of Nike’s newest, softest, comfiest and bounciest React technology for that extra mile. The AirMax 270 React is basically a pure blend from the past with a pinch of today and a sprinkle of the future thanks to its unique colourways and stitches across the shoe. The main colourway for example, heralds the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus's founding by recalling the school’s formal studies of asymmetrical balance. Get these kicks post July 5 from your nearest Nike store or online website for ₹12,995. Could this be a start to an airy reaction? We think so.