HYT's latest watch is smooth on the outside, wet on the inside

Fluid in its tubes tells the time
18 April 2017 / 11:22IST

Before watches, wrists and time itself, there was water - swelling in harmonious synchronicity with the moon, the earth and all its bits. HYT knows this, which is why the kooky clock-maker has squeezed microfluidic technology into its US$39,000 (converts to around 25 lacs) H0 watch. While you still get a trusty second hand, the hour is indicated by bright fluid in a clear ring around the edge, building gradually to the six o’clock mark like there’s been a blockage in Willy Wonka’s lime chocolate tubes. Though the H0 isn’t HYT’s first hydro mechanical timepiece, it’s certainly the subtlest - with just a hint of the goo-moving bellows inside peeking through.