The HOVR series by Under Armour adds brilliant yet simple insights to your runs

Shoes that look and feel normal, but much smarter than your average kicks
09 September 2019 / 14:06IST

Despite attempts from Nike and Adidas, no one has yet convinced runners they really need chips in their trainers. After all, with GPS apps, watches, footpods and heart-reading headphones, there’s no shortage of tracking options. But if you want to monitor important running, from metrics beyond pace and distance, there’s arguably no better place to stick sensors than in your shoes. And Under Armour’s latest connected running footwear range does just that. The Hovr line-up features five styles — UA HOVR Guardian, UA HOVR Velociti 2, UA HOVR Sonic 2 and UA HOVR Phantom SE — that cater for everything from speedy track sessions to long, steady road runs. Embedded sensors sync seamlessly with the MapMyRun app and deliver real-time readouts for pace, distance, duration and speed, along with cadence and  stride length. Post-run you can see if you’ve hit your targets, while basic coaching tips offer advice on improving your technique. You can also run phone-free and sync data later, although you won’t get the mid-run updates, and sadly there’s no way to share data with your running watch. Priced from ₹9999, these kicks are well worth lacing up!