Garmin’s new Vivomove series maximises minimalism

Three new variants in 18 different avatars – there’s one for everyone
06 February 2020 / 15:54IST

The Vivomove HR series featured some of the most elegant timepieces the industry has seen, with a tiny dial and hands that moved faster than those of a Mumbai traffic police constable. The new Vivomove 3 series features ‘3/3S’, ‘Style’ and ‘Luxe’ versions of the now improved watch. The Luxe comes with a 42mm stainless steel bezel and casing with a choice of Italian leather or Malanese metal strap and sapphire crystal lens. The Style gets a woven nylon or silicone band and has a 42mm aluminium bezel and aluminium casing, which make for some really attractive metal finishes with Corning Gorilla glass lens. Both the Luxe and the Style get dual AMOLED displays with handy (excuse us) hand movements that interact with the display’s graphics and smart features (including Menstrual Tracking, Body Battery, Respiration Tracking and more) to put forward information in a truly innovative manner. The Vivomove 3 and 3S are available in two case sizes – 44mm and 39mm, and come with one hidden touchscreen display. Battery life is a claimed five days in smartwatch mode and can go up to an additional week in regular watch mode. Prices start at ₹24,490 and go up to ₹44,990 for the top-end Luxe models.