Garmin’s Instinct Solar is the smartwatch that never dies

As long as it's not too cloudy...
26 September 2020 / 16:24IST

If you need a smartwatch that you can rely on to guide you back towards civilization rather than just to remind you to stand up every 20 mins, you can’t go wrong with Garmin’s intrepid Instinct – and now it’s got a battery that never dies. The new Instinct Solar (42,090) offers GPS navigation, heart rate monitoring, various training trackers, and notifications from your phone in a military-grade case, but with enough exposure to the sun it can run for up to 50 days without charging. In fact, in Battery Saver mode it’ll go forever without conking out, as long as it sups up sufficient sunlight. Sure, that means turning off almost everything that makes the Instinct Solar smart, but sometimes just being able to tell the time is all you need.