Garmin’s Instinct smartwatch is a combination of fashion and function

Strong, stylish and smart
10 June 2019 / 12:58IST

No matter how smart or strong Garmin’s smartwatches claim to be, they’re still quite boring to look or wear everyday, especially when you’ve got Fitbits and Apple Watches lurking around on everyone's wrists. Well, Garmin’s Instinct is the brand’s first ‘lifestyle’ watch and it’s got the moves to turn heads and make fitness nerds go oolala. The Instinct comes in quite a few colours to wear in (Sunburst, Lakeside Blue and Sea Foam and Black) so you can match your gym outfit and look good in those mid-gym selfies. This looks like a G-Shock with Garmin brains (GPS abilities, 3-axis compass, altimeter) along with the general fitness bits. Already counting your piggy bank savings? It’ll cost you a very cool ₹26,990. Grab it now from Garmin India.