Fossil’s Solar Watch is pro-planet in more ways than one

Sun kissed
01 July 2020 / 15:46IST

Fossil’s on the clock to produce 100% of their products with pro-planet criteria by 2025 and the Solar Watch speaks for that strong commitment. The outer ring of the watch case acts as a solar panel to capture light and the solar cell beneath the dial converts it into energy. A fully charged Solar Watch can run for four months (not advisable for cats and vampires). The commitment to our planet doesn’t end there. The Solar Watch also comes with five pull-straps made from yarn spun from approximately 16 plastic bottles. Bottles that would’ve been disturbing the environment. If you pick up this ₹9,995 watch from Fossil’s website or store, they will plant  a tree in your name and let you track it using EcoMatcher. So while the world fights a pandemic, you can take this time to do your bit to save the planet.