Fitbit's most affordable fitness trackers just got even better

Get fit, bit by bit
07 March 2019 / 16:53IST

We've finally been given a look at the latest versions of Fitbit's most affordable fitness trackers. The new Fitbit Inspire (6,999) and Fitbit Inspire HR (8,999) will be on shelves later this month, and come with all the essential health and fitness features you'd expect like automatic activity, exercise, and sleep tracking, and motivational goal celebrations. Both also sport a new modern and comfortable modern swimproof design complete with touchscreen display, smartphone notifcations, and up to five days of battery life. The only major difference between the two is that the HR (as the name suggests) also comes with heart rate tracking capabilities, which might be a deal maker for those of you who love a good metric. Ultimately though, both devices look to be good options for anyone after an entry-level fitness tracker that does the business.