Fitbit’s Charge 4 fitness tracker lets you control Spotify from your wrist

With GPS and a 7-day battery life, it’s one giant step for fitness tracker kind
02 April 2020 / 16:43IST

Fitbit’s Charge 3 was a brilliant fitness tracker and was loaded with features when it was launched. But the just launched Charge 4 makes for a worthy upgrade, and here’s why. Firstly, it’s got GPS and this works quite well, given that Fitbit claims you can get a seven day battery life from it. The design mostly remains the same in a slick-looking package, but you get an additional software feature that many will like. Yes, you can now control your Spotify playlist during those intense workouts (which, in all likelihood, will be conducted in your house) instead of reaching out to your phone. There’s playback controls that will let you choose the music output, play, shuffle, skip and even like songs during your workout right from your wrist. And with all of these, you still get that 7-day battery life like on the Charge 3. This one definitely looks like a worthy upgrade at ₹14,999 for the standard model and ₹16,999 for the Special Edition with an exclusive  granite reflective/black woven band.