The feather-light Adidas PureBOOST GO shoes keep you light during your city runs

When potholed city driving gets your gun, go for a run!
27 August 2018 / 18:17IST

Every runner doesn’t belong on the tracks. Some daring ones carve their own paths and own the streets. Adidas’ PureBOOST GO is the perfect addition to the clan of street runners. Their latest running shoe is a promising addition to the family of three stripes…Owning a pair would give them the freedom to run wild and free. Designed for urban running, the PureBOOST’s silhouette is ideal for the runner whose front foot needs a little extra room and stability at the same time. They look quite rad and we recently even ran wearing them on the streets of Mumbai. We can vouch for their lightweight abilities and comfort first hand. These pins are a pleasure to glide city streets in, and are adaptive enough to run when city traffic sucks out all the fun. Priced at 11,999, these shoes perfectly match the enthusiastic runner’s high energy.