Fastrack’s Audio Sunglasses play music under the sun

Bose Frames on a budget?
14 September 2020 / 14:49IST

Even if you weren't looking for it, it came looking for you. Fast track launches their James Bond gadget looking Audio sunglasses where it combines functionality and style within one frame (get it?). With U.V 400 protection, these glasses are not just feature filled but also provide utility. If you are trying to have a private call then these sunglasses are not it because, though it comes with a bluetooth speaker and in-built mic, you essentially have to listen to the sound on loudspeaker. Very un-spy like. They also offer a rechargeable battery with up to 3 hours of play time and it comes in three colours of blue, black and clear to suit your style needs. Yours for ₹3,499 and is available on Fastrack’s website and Amazon India.  It’s quite similar to the Bose Frames we reviewed last year.