The fantabulous four cross the Abbey Road on your wrists, courtesy Raymond Weil

While the guitar gently weeps, the wrist game stays strong
15 May 2018 / 19:47IST

If ever four men made history just by crossing a road, they were The Beatles. They’re made of better concrete than Abbey Road itself, but heck… Any amount of dedication to the legends falls short, and now the fab four have found their way to your wrists, housed in a 39.5mm steel case. Engraved on the dials and sapphire crystal case-back of these limited edition Raymond Weil watches, the Beatles’ spirit is celebrated everyday by the wearer. Priced at a modest 1,09,400, RW continues its love affair with the legendary grandmasters, and it’ll last longer than the British reign. And you may even inspire someone to sing I want to hold your hand as a dedication befitting your love for the awesome foursome.