Eume’s massager backpack makes sure lugging it around isn’t a pain in your back

Massager feature keeps your shoulders and back happy
10 August 2018 / 11:18IST

Dear city dwellers, we bring good news! The nagging pain in your back from carrying your entire house in your backpack… the same one you have to make weekend trips to the spa for… Though heavy backpacks have been our curse since school days, not much has changed. Heavy books have been replaced by heavy laptops and older bones now cry far more than little school going bones ever did. Eume’s massager backpack plans to eliminate your woes. Developed after intensive research and consultations from spine doctors, chiropractors and fitness experts, these backpacks have been designed to alleviate pain and rejuvenate back and shoulder muscles. Launch the massager function. This modern backpack is the perfect solution for urban commuting, without being a pain in your back. With price starting from 3999, these bags come loaded with all other features of a modern-day rucksack - it’s made with theft-proof material, USB charging port and an ergonomically designed organiser inside.