Ermengildo Zegna’s Asola lightweight moccasins make design and comfort coexist

For the modern globetrotter
06 June 2017 / 15:36IST

No self lacing, snug fit technology here, but the pure joy of indulging in pair(s) of shoes you’d take pride in owning. Italian fashion and comfort override technology just a little bit here, and for good. Ermenegildo Zegna’s Asola collection makes one drool over the smooth finish, the Italian buttonhole designs (aka Asola, hence the nomenclature) design and the fact it is wearable almost everywhere, for all occasions. Being lightweight is an added advantage to these slip-ons. Frequent travellers can bend these soft, flexible leather shoes and fit them in their luggage to ensure their most comfortable shoes are with them during their travels too. Here’s the news though – at 84,000, unless you’ve inherited a trust fund, you’ll probably need to work two jobs to afford this one!