The DieselOn hybrid smartwatch adds to your contemporary spartan look like no other

Its coin cell core is good for six months of juice
25 July 2017 / 16:46IST

Sing along Time is on my side and flaunt the DieselOn hybrid smartwatch. Not like any other hybrid out there, cos’ this one's got a metal ringed touchscreen dial and five types of leather straps. Built-in Bluetooth helps connect the watch to the DieselOn App on your Android or iOS device. The app assists in tracking various movements and health analytics that you normally feed upon. It can filter stupid notifications, calls and texts so you don't cut your finger off while sharpening that blade of yours. The DieselOn’s got a Link Functionality feature that can play music, snag a photo and can also ring your phone in case you’ve lost it. It’s got a replaceable coin-cell battery just like any other hybrid, that helps it last for about six hefty months. The watch automatically updates your time zone and offers a pre-set second time zone function - this one's for all you globetrotters. Priced at ₹22,425, you can get it at the nearest Diesel Store.