Delhi walas, your next metro ticket will be paid using a watch

Look at the flicka da wrist, look at the flicka da wrist
11 July 2017 / 13:27IST

Ever thought you’d be paying for your next ride in the metro by flicking your wrist? No? Not even if you were Gal Gadot reflecting projectiles using super strong bracelets? You won’t be able to deflect bullets using the Watch2Pay smartwatch but you can very well avoid the long process of standing in the queue for buying a ticket. You don’t even have to touch your wallet for a smartcard now. The Austrian company, LAKS has tied up with the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation to get these smartwatches to India. They work using a rechargeable SIM card that goes inside the smartwatch. The SIM-equipped watch can be recharged like a usual metro smart card over the counter or through recharge card terminals. You can buy it exclusively from PayTM mall website for ₹2,999 and start acting out Flicka Da Wrist by Chedda Da Connect on every terminal.