Chumbak’s Squad Smartwatch reinforces women’s health

No welfare without selfcare
21 July 2021 / 13:31IST

Women have had to work overtime during this pandemic. Keeping a home in order is hard enough on a regular day, and now they have to contend with a full house. Lifestyle brand Chumbak has launched a new product that aims to help women keep track of their health during this hectic schedule. Called the Squad Smartwatch, it has been developed in conjunction with Pebble. The smartwatch does all the usual stuff as well as track your heart-rate, stress, menstrual cycle, oxygen levels, sleep cycle, and alert you if something is off. Going to a gym remains a distant dream, so you can use the smartwatch to monitor your in-home workouts with support for multiple sports. Speaking of customisations, there are over 100 watch faces, and six different bands to choose from. The Chumbak Squad Smartwatch costs ₹4,995, and is available via Amazon and the company’s website.