Casio’s G-Shock Denim’D Color series put on its apple bottom jeans

Denim never dies
21 February 2018 / 16:46IST

The saying is true, denim never dies. Casio’s G-Shock Denim’D Colour watches for men, women and kids have hit stores in India. It’s made an entrance with its rugged all-denim jean and jacket look with these watches - GA-700, GA-100 for men and the Baby-G DW-5600 for women. Wear these with your blue jeans and jacket to flaunt it off in style, or even your PJs to give yourself that quirky look. If you claim to be a true Casio-head, you’re definitely getting one, two, maybe even all three for your wife and yourself. Prices start from ₹4500 and you can get it from your nearest Casio retailer or Casio India. Denim will live on forever.