Breitling’s Top Time series will make classic car lovers drool

Start your engines
01 September 2021 / 19:30IST

When you think of classic; watches worn by Sean Connery’s James Bond and American muscle cars with big-block engines come to mind, and Breitling has married the two with its latest Top Time Classic Cars Squad. The collection includes a trio of watches that are an ode to the 1960s sports cars. Specifically, the Corvette C2, Ford Mustang, and the Shelby Cobra. The watches boast of colourways from the iconic cars – black and red from the C2, green and brown from the Mustang, and blue and brown from the Cobra. With the car brand’s logos also stamped on the watch face, you can almost imagine the cars lending their naturally aspirated V8 grunt to Breitling’s classic chronographs. The Corvette and Mustang-inspired watch features a 42mm case, and a 1/8 of a second chronograph movement. The Cobra, on the other hand, features a smaller 40mm case with a self-winding 1/4 of a second chronograph movement. Needless to say, this celebration of mid-century cars and watches comes at a cost. At nearly ₹3,95,000, you’ll probably get the feel of owning a classic muscle with none of the maintenance-related headaches.