The Bose Frames are wireless headphones for your eyes

Block the sun, play your tunes
18 June 2019 / 12:23IST

While the world tweeted their worries away, Bose invented something you’d never think of. Enter the Bose Frames. It’s basically a combination of sunglasses and Bose’s proprietary speakers fitted near the temples of the frame. These matte finished pair of shades come in two styles to wear - square and rounded with polarized and non polarized lenses. Not just that, Bose also fitted an ultra small microphone and a button to summon your personal assistant (Alexa, Google and Siri) and control your music. Thanks to its 9-axis motion sensor and GPS borrowed from your phone, it automatically adds a layer of audio through Bose AR apps and will know exactly where you’re looking and you can forget about your checking your phone for directions or traffic updates. Grab them from your nearest bose retail store post 20 June for ₹21,990. We’re yet to wear these, why don’t you wait for our review before you buy them, OK?