Atari’s Speakerhat is the spiritual successor to Hat FM

Built-in Bluetooth means it's well ahead of the pack
25 July 2017 / 11:50IST

Hollywood has given us some truly iconic gadgets. Most we’re still waiting for - anyone got their hoverboard yet? - but others are way ahead of their time. Atari’s Speakerhat - literally just a snapback with some Bluetooth speakers built into the peak - is a tie-in with forthcoming sci-fi sequel Blade Runner 2049, which by our calculations makes it 32 years early. You can even pair them up with others to stream the same song to multiple hats. The problem with that? Right now you can only apply to be one of 10 Speakerhat “beta testers”, so you’re probably more likely to share a whole chicken with Ryan Gosling in Nando’s than bump into someone else wearing one.