ASICS’s new Metaride shoe is here to add a spring to your step...

I believe I can… run, leap and fly at the same time!
04 March 2019 / 13:14IST

The weather is still good. While the air outside may not be of the best quality, but now’s a better time than ever to catch up on those runs you’ve been planning but been too lazy to wake up for. Start with investa in a pair of running shoes that feature multiple proprietary ASICS technologies that make it stand out from the rest. The radical shoe design of the ASICS Metaride features a new soft curved sole with stiff forefoot to reduce ankle flexion during the runs, and a highly evolved Guidance Line (a term patented to ASICS) to shift centre of mass and help leg swing to support the running motion. The new grip sole also promises ample traction and durability. Hang those conventional running shoes you’ve been wearing so far and invest ₹19,999 in the shoe that will make it worth the strides.