AQFIT’s W9 BT calling smartwatch is a phone and fitness tracker in one small package

Everything you possibly need on your wrist
03 June 2021 / 13:30IST

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made most of us crave convenience over anything else. Catering to this is AQFIT’s latest wearable, the W9 BT calling smartwatch. As the name suggests, it brings a phone’s capabilities and much more to your wrists. You can answer and make calls without touching your phone, which is a boon for when you get a call in the middle of a workout. Speaking of which, you can track calories, steps, sleep, and heart-rate with the smartwatch. Monitoring blood-oxygen levels has become a habit during the pandemic, and you can do it too with this smartwatch. All this data is visible on a 1.33in circular HD display, and the watch is backed by a battery that is claimed to last over a week. The classic design and the Zinc-Magnesium Alloy body make it a stylish wearable even when you’re not working out. What makes the AQFIT W9 particularly attractive is the price tag of ₹4,299.