Acer OJO 500 Windows Mixed Reality headset is a portable VR headset with a confusing name

It’s VR with marketing faff
25 November 2018 / 16:35IST

Okay so we gave away our clickbait in the title itself but that’s because we don’t do clickbaits and secondly, it’s actually a VR headset. Windows Mixed Reality might read like a fusion between AR and VR but right now the technology on this headset is strictly looking (pun intended) VR. Although, it’s one of the most portable VR headsets we’ve come across. The inside-out tracking uses the built-in camera to track your position rather than using external sensors like the Oculus and HTC Vive. So you can legitimately put this inside a bag and carry it to a friend’s house or office and simply plug and play on a VR supported PC. Quite simple right? Turns out it’s even easier to wear and clean thanks to the detachable design for removing the head strap and the lens. The Acer OJO 500 includes a built-in interpupillary distance (IPD) wheel and a smartphone app to measure IPD distance (the gap between the pupil and the display). The display has 2880 x 1440 pixels for super sharp images and built-in headphones for audio. You can mix up your reality in the first quarter of 2019 when these will become available for purchase with an expected price of ₹39,999.