Wave to control lights and fans with an i-Sense Senso Switch

Gesture-based smart switches from Goldmedal Electricals
24 January 2020 / 14:48IST

With home automation now taking centre stage, controlling it with app and voice are a norm. But now, Goldmedal Electricals has something interesting that may grab the attention of homemakers. The i-Sense Senso Switch offers a novel way to control your lights and fans by simple gestures— simply wave your hand within a distance of 50mm and turn them on or off. And as a standard feature, these switches can also be controlled using Alexa, Google, a dedicated app or a remote control. The switches feature snap-in installation to existing electrical boxes and sport a soft-glow indicator for easy night operation. For ₹3,999 each, you can also pair them with up to 5 units for 2-way / 3-way operations.

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