Watch, listen and groove live with Radio City’s new Video platform for FM radio

Traffic, news, gossip and of course your daily dose of Bollywood
21 November 2017 / 18:51IST

Smartphones these days don’t usually come with an FM radio app. You’d have to download an streaming service like Tunein, Saavn, Apple Music etc for your fix of music. But now, Radio City has come up with something new, it’s called Video City- India’s first video FM. Just click here and it’ll start streaming live. Keep a timely track of your data, this might be your new data sucker. Watch out for Babber Sher and Bollywood goofiness. You can either watch it in the car, in the train or when you’re at home. Just keep it playing. No ads for now, as this is in its beta stage. We bet if traffic increases those ads will sure play.

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