Vaio’s lightest laptop is a carbon-fibre beauty that went on a military diet

Lighter than light
22 March 2021 / 11:46IST

In school, there would always be this one kid who would one up the smart guys in class. Nexstgo's all-new Vaio Z is that kid. While everyone has been launching ultrabooks, with carbon-fibre panels (or at times, just the name) Vaio became that uber smart kid and has launched an ultrabook that’s made of contoured carbon-fibre. So, instead of just using carbon-fibre panels or sheets mounted on a plastic or a metal chassis, this one actually uses a full casing that bends around the corners. And it’s not just a looker in that slim and light body, but it also packs in some silicon superiority using Intel’s four-core Core i7-11357H chipset that is paired with 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage. It also gets you Iris Xe integrated graphics, and either an FHD or a 4K 14-inch display. And given that it weighs just under a kilo (0.95 kg), it also packs in a physical shutter for the web camera. But like all gadgets that are slim and light, the price tag is anything but. The carbon-fibre friendly Vaio Z is priced from $3,579 (approximately ₹2,59,293).

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