While Xiaomi purifies your water, you can watch a 4K movie

New products from Xiaomi for your home
17 September 2019 / 16:32IST

When you heard of your favourite smartphone company purifying the air in your living room, you were probably shocked. Now we're sure to stun you with news that Xiaomi will also purify water for you. No, it’s not at all shocking to know that a smartphone brand is into home appliances as well. Xiaomi actually manufactures almost everything you could think of — from underwear to 4K laser projectors and even electric bikes and whatnot, but mainly on sale in and for China. Now in India, Xiaomi has launched a smart water purifier that features RO + UV to ensure you drink safely. The Mi Smart Water Purifier works on a penta purification process which is facilitated by three filters — PolyPropylene + Activated Carbon (PPC), Reverse Osmosis (RO) and Post Activated Carbon (PAC). The filters can be changed by the user itself, while the smart app monitors the life of the filters to alert you when it needs replacement. Xiaomi also launched four more new TVs including three 4K models ranging from 65in, 50in, 43in and an FHD 40in. all four come with 20W Dolby +DTS HD speakers, includes Netflix and Prime Video apart from Hungama, YouTube and lots more apps that can be downloaded. Lastly, to help you stay fit, Xiaomi also introduced the much-awaited Mi Band 4 which includes a colour display with music control and watch faces, and with a battery life of 20 days. And when you're done with your 4K Netflix series and want to head to bed to track your sleep with that Mi Band 4 after drinking that last sip of pure water for the day, Xiaomi’s Motion Activated Night Light 2 will ensure you don’t trip on your way to the bedroom. The Night light detects motion to automatically light up your path while conserving energy too. Purify your water at ₹11,999, track your sleep on the new band at ₹2,299, light up your path at ₹500 and watch your 4K shows starting at ₹29,999 (50in).