Weapons for work-from-home by Samsung

2020 model ranges focus on 4K and productivity
09 July 2020 / 13:01IST

After having widened our retinas with 8K panels just a few weeks ago, Samsung is launching another round of flat panels. This time with more accessible price tags and resolutions meant for everyday humans. The Crystal 4K UHD and the Unbox Magic 3.0 television ranges are both brand new and while the Crystal range focuses on giving you the most amount of picture with the least amount of bezel, Unbox Magic is targeted at WFH users with its Personal Computer Mode, Auto Hotspot and Home Cloud. The Crystal range on the other hand offers Multi-view, where a PIP with a separate audio feed can be viewed by another viewer who doesn’t adhere to your tastes in programming. The Unbox Magic 3.0 range will be available at a starting price of ₹20,900 (32in) and ₹41,900 (43in) while the Crystal 4K UHD TV range will be priced at ₹44,400 (43in), ₹60,900 for the 50in, ₹67,900 for the 55in, ₹1,32,900 for the 65in and ₹2,37,900 for the 75in.