VU starts a new ‘Meeting’

‘Meeting by VU’ integrates TV with teleconferencing
24 September 2020 / 0:05IST

As a CEO who’s always been an acute observer of market trends before they even emerge, Devita Saraf has steered her company to lofty heights in a few short years compared to the multinational giants she’s competing with. In keeping with the current cultural shift or working from home, the brand has changed gears quickly to launch a new series of video-conferencing products built on the back of their popular televisions. ‘Meeting by VU’ then integrates a Windows 10 (Home or Professional) PC right into the chassis of the display and supports every popular meeting software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Meet, Video and BlueJeans. Designed to reduce fatigue caused by poor audio and small displays with multiple windows, Meeting by VU is a completely platform agnostic system that brings together high-quality elements needed to communicate professionally in a single package.  Paired with an external camera and microphone/speaker set-up, the Meeting range consists of three variants - Executive, Team and Conference. As the names suggest, each of the variants is optimised for a specific requirement. Executive and Team variants, which are targeted at enterprise and conference room usage include a 4K camera with 4x digital zoom while the Conference edition camera gets 15x optical zoom with pan and tilt functions and a wide-angle lens that offers a 120degree viewing angle to fit the whole team in. The 4-way wireless microphone array uses AI-based noise cancellation software that offers noise suppression and acoustic echo cancellation. Priced between ₹1.35lacs to ₹8.5lacs, the Meeting range will be offered in screen sizes of 55, 65, 75, 85 and a whopping 100in. Each of the screens will come with a built-in computer powered by an Intel Core i5 processor (8GB RAM/128GB SSD) running on Windows 10 and coupled with a wireless keyboard and trackpad. Whether you're an individual or an enterprise user, Meeting by VU is optimised for single or multiple people being able to communicate as naturally as possible, albeit in the virtual domain.