Vu squeezes Windows on an Android TV

The 4K Vu 100 now becomes a Super TV
15 October 2019 / 10:22IST

Have you ever considered replacing that inefficient projector in your boardroom with a larger display panel? Yes, displaying your presentations and spreadsheets on a Vu 100in 4K TV during a boardroom meeting could be the future for your company. Taking the television to new heights, Vu Televisions has upgraded the 100in Vu 100 4K TV to now compute with Windows 10 too. Yes, the new Android Super TV now also has Windows 10 pre-installed allowing you to do whatever you did on your PC now on that larger panel. Thanks to the Intel Core i3/i5 with 4GB RAM and 120GB SSD storage, the new TVs can help you Skype with your overseas bosses, play PC games or even work on Photoshop. Bundled with an air mouse and a QWERTY keyboard, this 2000W Dolby and DTS Audio TV with JBL speakers now comes in at an even cheaper price of ₹8 Lakhs onwards. Run a control room from home, view 20 CCTV cameras in one go or simply share that screen with three more friends to play some FPS games, you decide what you wanna do on your 100 inches of 4K dots.